Mary Harris, Sales Associate, REALTOR®

A perceptive agent with North Carolina charm, Mary Harris is the perfect choice for a harmonious real estate experience.

As Mary sees it, there’s no single key to being a great real estate agent, but communication is definitely at the top of the list. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built. “The communication piece has to be there first,” she says, “You have to build that trust.” The only tricky part is that great communication looks different for everyone. Taking the time to truly understand the needs and motivations of each client is where Mary shines.

Mary’s conscientious approach to real estate was inspired by her mother’s years of service as a nurse. A positive, open, and embracing woman, Mary’s mother never met a person she didn’t like. And just like her mother, Mary is always looking for the best in people. Mary’s service goes well beyond the practicalities of the work. Naturally thoughtful and caring, Mary endeavors to make the process stress-free for all her clients.

Mary came to The Bob and Ronna Group at the recommendation of a friend. She started in an administrative role, but quickly learned the ropes as an agent. Now, Mary’s been doing real estate for over a decade. Mary’s career journey is a fantastic testament to The Bob and Ronna Group’s dedication to training, education, and helping people reach their full potential.

Like any service member or first responder, Mary knows that she can always call for backup. Realizing the Bob and Ronna team is behind her 100% gives Mary the confidence to do her best work, closing incredible deals and keeping her clients happy at the same time.

It was hard for Mary to think of her favorite off-the-clock activity, since, as she put it, “I’m always thinking about houses!” But a yoga session and a good mystery novel never go amiss with Mary.